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I love being a wedding and lifestyle photojournalist, and feel so incredibly lucky to be able to capture and document the, love and emotions in my work.

Whether it’s a traditional Asian wedding, registry office gathering, church ceremony, or alternative themed wedding, my aim is to become part of the day, making you and your guests feel comfortable to the point they forget I am there… because that’s when I start to capture the true essence of those wonderful moments…

People ask what style of photography I shoot. I always let the wedding decide. After shooting many different weddings, I have discovered that every wedding is unique and I take into account the people and surroundings in front of my lens.

The photos should be enjoyable to look at and bring back fond memories for many years to come. I take this commitment as a wedding photographer very seriously and client satisfaction is my utmost priority. I work as a freelance photographer / videographer or with my experienced team to cover the whole event.